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  •  $189.00
  • In stock: 100


CADAC Skottel is perhaps the most famous CADAC product and the one that broke new ground in South Africa in terms of cooking flexibility and convenience. The CADAC Skottel is a camping favorite due to its flexibility and size, but it has so many uses that it is commonly used at home too. 

Due to Australian regulations the Skottel is a LP unit and sold with a tripod legs plus regulator and not the commonly known stem system. Simply attach the tripod legs in no time, which adds to the stability for an extremely compact and elegant, integrated solution.

  • Skottel Top 
  • Pot stand
  • Carry Bag (no need to buy comes standard)
  • POL hose and regulator (you can now connect directly to you byonnet on side of caravan, no need to take extra gas bottle with)

The Skottel has been improved even further to meet the needs of impromptu chefs everywhere where it comes with the pot stand grid and can fit the renowned paella pan (accessory) . The Skottel is perfect for picnicking, camping, caravanning, fishing and patio entertainment at home. Prepare an entire breakfast on it, complete with bacon, eggs, boerewors and fried tomato. Depending on the cooking surface attached, it is ideal for Chinese stir fry too, or to barbeque meat. The trusty Skottel truly is the go-anywhere, do-anything CADAC product.

Please note the sale and use of the single stem is strictly prohibited in Australia due to gas regulations, fines and liability will be incurred. The single stem skottel cannot be adapted to fit the tripod legs as the one is a HP unit and the other LP.


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